Alternative Health Insurance

Offering alternative health care insurance options to your customers

More and more Americans are looking for ways to improve their health and increase longevity. Many are turning to Alternative medicine health care insurance, or non traditional healthcare for total health care for total wellness that treats the mind, body and spirit. Although most insurance providers cover traditional medical care, but more and more insurers are acknowledging the increasing demand for alternative insurance. Some carriers offer alternative insurance coverage for treatments that are commonly used like chiropractic care or acupressure. In this guide you will learn:

1. About the benefits of negotiating alternative care insurance coverage with your customers.

2. Find creative solutions for customers requesting alternative medicine health insurance.

3. How to find alternative medicine health insurance coverage and alternative health insurance providers.

Offer coverage for commonly used alternative health treatments

A survey of 18 of the most popular HMOs and health care insurance providers showed that at least 14 covered up to 34 alternative health care treatments.

Offer some if not complete coverage of alternative health care

If your insurance company doesn't offer alternative health insurance then consider alternative health care insurance plans that pay a portion of the cost.

Offer a discount plan as an alternative to alternative health insurance coverage

Alternative health insurance providers can form an alliance with select alternative health care practitioners and offer customers a discount program providing a 20 to 30% discount for treatment.

Consider using the services of an independent insurance broker

Independent brokers are licensed by the state to represent individuals with choosing their insurance. Independent brokers have the freedom to represent several insurance companies instead of just one. This means they have the skills and experience to help you choose a health insurance company to meet your needs and budget.
  • Before choosing an alternative health insurance provider for your business, survey your employees to find out what kinds of coverage are most important to them.

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