Aluminum Beams Pricing and Costs

Choose affordable aluminum beams for construction

Aluminum beam design is the foundation of many construction projects. There are a variety of aluminum beam sizes used to make floor and ceiling joists with a high strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum beam properties are also very versatile when architects use the right aluminum beam attachment clamps and lattices. Workers who use construction aluminum beams need to learn which is best for a particular job.

Of course, aluminum beam specs should be carefully considered when choosing the right beam. The standard beam heights available range from 3 to 12 feet. Standard lengths range from 1 to 7 feet, but you can custom order longer beans, usually for the same price per additional foot. The size and strength of the beam is the most important factor. Other specs that have an impact on aluminum beams pricing and costs include:

1. Whether they are aluminum I-beams, H-beams or T-beams.

2. The pound force per foot.

3. The type of construction project needing aluminum beams.

Choose a standard aluminum I-beam for construction

Aluminum I-beams are the standard shape for aluminum beams used in floor and ceiling joists. I-beams have a yield strength PSI of 40,000 and are made from a composite of aluminum, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, and silicon. Aluminum I-beams come in a variety of sizes for all types of jobs, from 3-by-2 to 12-by-14 feet. Aluminum I-beams cost $5 to $10 per foot of beam.

Purchase an aluminum H-beam for applications where a long beam is necessary

Aluminum H-beams, or wide flange beams, are used to cover long distances. This means that H-beams are best equipped to handle weight disbursal between joints. This type of beam is often found in trailers, platforms and walkways. Aluminum H-beams cost $17 to $20 per foot.

Use an aluminum T-beam for structural support

Aluminum T- (or Tee-) beams are shaped just like the letter T, as the name implies. They are used primarily to prevent compression and stress on wood or metal. In addition, they also prevent wood and metal joists from bending. An aluminum T-beam can cost $13 to $17 per foot.

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