Ammonium Sulfate Pricing and Costs

Shop around to find out where to buy ammonium sulfate and ammonium sulfate products

Ammonium sulfate is a versatile compound that you can use for fertilizer or in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Ammonium sulfate pricing and costs depend on the product. Prices could vary from a few dollars for liquefying adjuvants to hundreds of dollars for bulk fertilizer.

Because ammonium sulfate fertilizers are by-products of manufacturing processes such as steel production, the cost is less voluble than the cost for fertilizers that rely on natural gas or petroleum for formulation. Ammonium sulfate products offer the advantage of relative safety over other compounds when shipping and handling. Shipping of ammonium sulfate products figures into the costs for large bulk items such as fertilizer, but it will have less effect on smaller lots.

Manufacturers sell fertilizer and other such products by the ton, which cost more to ship, whereas ammonium lauryl sulfate is available in one-gallon jugs. When contemplating other ammonium sulfate pricing and costs, consider the following things:

1. Buy directly from ammonium sulfate manufacturers with discounts for bulk purchases.

2. Check out the shelf life of ammonium sulfate products before storing bulk purchases bought at lower prices.

3. Find the closest ammonium sulfate manufacturer or supplier to reduce shipping costs.

Compare what it costs to buy ammonium sulfate with the cost of other fertilizers

If you are in the market for bulk fertilizer, you will want to look at what products with ammonium sulfate cost compared to other ways of delivering nitrogen to your crop. Your state university may have done this research for you.
University of Florida compares the costs of different fertilizers as it applies to citrus crops. The cost of ammonium sulfate for 2009 is estimated at from $150 to $175 per ton, compared to $250 to $300 per ton for ammonium nitrate or $350 to $360 per ton for urea. Simplot refers you to dealers all over the Midwest and West, from Kansas to California. You will have to contact a dealer for a price quote.

Shop for best prices for other products containing ammonium sulfate

You can find an ammonium sulfate supplier to order chemicals for laboratory use or to use in pharmaceutical compounding. You can also find an ammonium sulfate distributor that supplies wetting agents, surfactants, and foaming agents. These companies usually quote products in metric, gallon, or pound units.

Look for the best deal on shipping costs for ammonium sulfate products

Shipping can be a hidden cost of buying online. Ammonium sulfate distributors selling bulk fertilizer used in agriculture will ask you to select a dealer from their network and then provide you with contact information so that you can contact the dealer for an accurate cost. It is possible to buy ammonium sulfate in 20-pound bags for garden or lawn use without paying shipping costs. Other ammonium sulfate suppliers provide shipping information when you order their product.