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Choosing an antivirus software is an extremely important decision. Most people aren't aware of any antivirus beyond the big dogs: McAfee and Norton. The fact of the matter is that the virus protection landscape is constantly changing, and the most well-known antivirus software providers aren't necessarily the best.

Becoming informed on the latest releases of all of the best antivirus programs is vital. The following resources will arm you with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for the safety of your business:
  1. Study reviews of the latest crop of anti virus protection on consumer research sites.
  2. Visit popular weblogs for up to date antivirus news and trends.
  3. Read online newsletters for current antivirus reviews, news and forums.

Read reviews and comparisons of all the latest antivirus security software

Consumer review and research sites provide invaluable information about the current range of antivirus protection available. Find out which products are top-ranked by consumers and reviewers.

Visit blogs for the latest news in antivirus program testing and security threats

Virus blogs are a great online resource. Some sites regularly test antivirus software and post the results. Others are maintained by antivirus software companies, and will keep you up to date about all of the most current viral threats.

Read online newsletters for breaking news and reviews of anti virus software

Most popular print technology magazines have an online presence. Almost everyone has some sort of antivirus program installed on their computer, and these magazines cater to that reality. MaximumPC and Computer Shopper both maintain an online newsletter dedicated to bringing you the latest in antivirus news and information.
  • With all of the viruses that masquerade as virus removal programs -- such as Antivirus 2008, 2009 and WinAntivirusPro -- knowing who is friend and who is foe is important. In this case, Google is your friend. If you don't recognize the name of an antivirus program, and aren't sure whether to buy it, or download it, Google it first. You'll save yourself endless heartache and money in the long run.

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