Applicant Tracking News and Trends

Stay current with applicant tracking news and trends

Applicant tracking systems have found their way into more and more businesses as of late due to their convenience and ability to reduce a company's overall cost. Developed by companies to recruit employees more efficiently, it's vital to stay up-to-date on any changes to this software.

Because there are so many aspects of recruiting software to sift through, you should pay attention to any changes in software through several different sources. Consider the following when evaluating applicant tracking news and trends:

1. Use trade association publications to keep up with applicant tracking software.

2. Register through associations, and get notified of any changes to your web applicant tracking system.

3. Access blogs from websites catering to applicant tracking systems.

Subscribe to human resource publications, and pay attention to job applicant tracking news

Human resource publications are an effective way to stay informed about changes in the recruiting industry. Take responsibility and familiarize yourself with changes of any sort to recruiting software. This can consist of larger companies buying out other tracking systems or updates to this year's release of the software. Locate sections in the publication based on candidate tracking software so you can stay updated on important changes.

Join associations to have first-hand access to changes in applicant tracking software

Organizations and associations are an effective way to stay abreast of any changes to anything related to the recruiting industry. You can also network with others in your field, asking questions or advice for concerns you may have involving recruiting software.

Stay up-to-date on changes to resume tracking software via online sites

It may be overwhelming to digest all the information available on applicant tracking systems. Try to stay informed as best you can about any changes involving the software. Check out industry leaders for daily updates if possible.
  • Oftentimes the most current place to find updates on resume tracking software is from the company itself. It's best to know what software you own, along with any product numbers, when searching out these updates.

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