Articulating Boom Lifts Basics

Find out if articulated lifts suit your business need

Articulated lifts, otherwise known as knuckle booms, are great for tight spaces. They offer a 360 degree continuous rotation turntable that can give you full circle rotation for quick and flexible positioning. Most are available for indoor and outdoor applications, and some even offer a switch on their control panels that allow you the choice of gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) operation.

Use articulating boom lifts for reaching up and over machinery, equipment, and other obstacles. You can also use them for reaching other elevated positions not easily approached by a telescopic boom lift that can only take you up and down. The lift's boom can be raised or lowered from vertical to below horizontal, or it can be extended or telescoped while the stable work platform is kept horizontal.

To take advantage of articulating boom lifts basics:

1. Look to those who sell articulated boom lifts for basic informational resources.

2. Differentiate types and uses of articulated lifts to help you with your purchasing decision.

3. Find even more articulating boom lifts resources, such as safety information and more.

Use distributors of articulating boom lifts for basic info

Sellers of articulating lifts can also be providers of valuable information. Use their sites to pull the basic facts that you need to learn about the articulating boom lift.

Learn about different types and applications for articulated lifts

Find out about different types of articulating boom lifts and their uses. Whether you are looking for articulating, telescopic or electric articulated boom lifts, knowing the difference in types and capabilities will help you make a purchasing decision.

Find even more articulated boom lifts resources

Use the even greater number of additional resources on articulating lifts to determine your book lift needs or to find out additional information, such as safety, on your future purchase.
  • Consider a distributors of articulating boom lifts to do the dirty work for you. Let them locate, evaluate and/or inspect, negotiate the prices, lease and ship any machine you might need. You may pay an additional fee, but it could well worth it based on the time and effort saved as well as the added evaluation that you don't have to perform yourself.

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