Auto Attendant

Business phone systems with auto attendant features save companies time and staff resources

Auto attendant features can be part of a business PBX console or a traditional multi-line extension key phone system. Other auto attendants can be part of a hosted business phone service, a business suite software package or a lower cost Internet-based or VoIP service.

The benefits of automated attendant products for business phone systems include:
  1. Redirects a high volume of callers to appropriate employee phone extensions and voice mailboxes
  2. Replaces the need for human operators, saving employee costs
  3. Allows callers to get specific pre-recorded business information 24/7
  4. Routes callers to menus and fax capabilities
  5. Connects callers remotely via VoIP
  6. Extends business hours of operation by linking to automated functions like telephone banking

Find out about hosted auto attendant products for business phone systems

Hosted auto attendant products for business provide a higher level of technical and customer support than many other options

Visit web-based auto attendant services websites

Web-based auto attendant services are a lower-cost do-it-yourself alternative to hosted phone services.

Consider hardware/software automated attendant service office phone products

For those businesses with a technical staff, hardware/software office phone products with auto attendant solutions provide a self-maintenance option.

Consider stand-alone auto attendant software products

If you have a small business and are technically-oriented, stand-alone automated attendant products may be a lower cost self-maintenance option.
  • Many business users have recently begin to refer to a phone auto attendant feature as IVR or Interactive Voice Response.