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How 2D, 3D and digital prototyping design software saves time and money

Autodesk has been around since 1982 with a line of computer-aided design (CAD) products that help businesses and designers visualize and analyze the anticipated real-world performance of a concept early in the design process. The ability to create a digital model of something before actually making it are huge:

-- You can experience "virtually" how the design will work
-- You can better design workflows surrounding the new design
-- You can "see" the idea in action before it's real
-- You can make improvements in designs before actually executing them, thus saving time and money, and improving quality

Autodesk is one of the top players globally in producing 2D and 3D design and digital prototyping software for these main sectors:  1) Manufacturing; 2) Architecture, engineering and construction; 3) Media and entertainment; 4) Automotive and transportation; 5) Education; 6) Utilities and telecommunications; 7) Government.  Autodesk AutoCAD is among the company's best known products.

Here's a quick insider's guide to Autodesk products for sale by industry sector:

Autodesk software products for architecture, engineering and construction

You can use these solutions to connect and support your building industry teams.

Stay connected with Autodesk industry blogs & communities

They're a great way to keep up with the latest news and ideas on CAD, prototyping, and more.

Try the free Autodesk Design Review software

You can even skip the registration page if you want and go directly to the free download.

Autodesk Products for automotive and transportation

These Autodesk products are essentially tools for creating and presenting designs for automotive systems and bodies, along with other vehicles.

Get discounts on Autodesk software for education

High schools, career schools, universities and students can get access to Autodesk products at a discount.

Autodesk products for manufacturing

These are intended to help you create, validate and manage designs from initial concept through manufacturing.

Autodesk products for media & entertainment

Creative professionals in the movie biz, among others, use these Autodesk software packages to transform imagination into reality.