Automatic Dialers Key Terms

Learn some key terms for automatic dialers

These days, a lot of businesses are optimizing their call center strategies new technology such as automatic dialers. Automatic dialing software and solutions can help reps handle calls, feed databases, link to servers, and handle large volumes of calls every day. The specific operation of automatic dialers depends on how they're integrated into the company's hardware setup. Knowing some key terms for the setup and use of automatic dialers can help both new and established businesses improve their auto dialing systems.


The interface is the setup that software users see when using a software program. Interface is very important for auto dialing software, and can include very helpful features, including names, demographics and past customer records.

Auto dialer server integration

Server integration for auto dialers is the process of making the automatic dialing software fit into an existing IT system so the server can hand the auto dialer information, or vice versa.


VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a new communications technology that is being used in all kinds of applications, including auto dialing. New auto dialers can route calls through these broadband lines as opposed to the old analog phone lines.
Federal Communications Commission.

Outbound call software

Auto dialing software is widely used for handling large volumes of outbound calls. Outbound call software can sort calls, provide good background at the click of a button and make storing necessary updates easy.

Virtual call center technology

Some auto dialing solutions will give businesses the ability to route calls to multiple locations with one central "virtual call center". This is making home-based customer service more and more popular.

Do Not Call List

The Do Not Call List is a federal resource for consumers and households that restricts how solicitors may contact them. This relatively new setup is a very critical consideration for any business that is using auto dialers to contact people. Decision makers should always include this legislation in communications strategy discussions.
Do Not Call List at this government site page.

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