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Automotive consultants work with automobile dealerships and other automotive companies to help improve their businesses to make more of a profit. They also can work with law enforcement professionals, like police detectives and lawyers, in order to help determine what has happened during an accident involving a vehicle. Understanding key terms that automotive consultants use will help you know what type of services they offer and how it can help improve your company.

Accident reconstruction

A key job of automotive consultant companies is to reconstruct accident scenes either for the police or for lawyers investigating the incident.

Expert witness testimony

Once an accident has been reconstructed, the person or company performing that reconstruction must be able to act as an expert witness in court cases to determine who or what was at fault for causing the accident.

Growth strategy

Growth stategies are created by automotive consultants to help revive stale automotive companies and dealerships. They map out how to best reach customers and improve sales.

Product investigations

Product investigations often occur after someone or a group of people claim that a product is unsafe. When this happens in the automative industry, there are often lawsuits and automotive consultants are called in to do a product investigation.

Salesperson training

Salesperson training is offered by many automotive consulting groups in order to help their clients reach their customers better and see improved profits. They teach employees how to interact with customers and teach managers how to more effectively manage their employees.

Direct mail marketing

Direct mail is used by automotive consultants in order to reach a certain group of people, market a certain type of inventory and for many other reasons. Mailings go directly to customers, via the mail, with the intent of bringing those customers in to buy vehicles or products.

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