Bakery Equipment and Baking Supplies

How to find food service supplies and food service equipment vendors for your bakery

Our day's daily bread hasn't come out of the kitchen in years. Nearly all the breads, pastries, pies and other baked goods we consume come from bakery equipment operated by professional, full-scale bakers for local and national distribution.

Buying bakery equipment and baking supplies is not so simple a task, however. The range of bakery gear runs from corner doughnut shop to industrial strength. In this food service equipment guide you will learn:

1. Bakery ovens and other equipment can vary dramatically in size, cost and purpose.
2, Small shops like cafes and corner stores have special baking needs of their own.
3. Bakery recipes require dozens of oils, agents and more specialized food service supplies
4. Besides bakery ovens, special containers and other food service equipment are needed for mixing, chilling and preparing baked goods.
5. Check used food service equipment dealers and food service equipment lease offers before you buy.

Bakery ovens and other equipment come in many sizes

The largest types of equipment are used for making bread and other pastries at an industrial level and costs tens of thousands of dollars.

In-store bakeries go with smaller equipment

Seems every grocery store, coffee spot and sub shop proclaims "fresh bread" to its customers. They do this with smaller, more affordable food service equipment.

Bakers large and small need a range of food service supplies

There's plenty more than flour in today's bread and cakes -- industrially produced oils, fats, emulsifiers, preservatives and more baking supplies – that bakers must buy in bulk to stay competitive.

Bakeries need plenty of pre- and post-baking gear

Freezers, chillers, machines that rub egg whites or sugar or chocolate -- the automation of most bakery equipment systems means very few human hands, consistent production and speed.

Check used food service equipment vendors for deals

Reconditioned and never-used food service equipment, even whole used bakery assembly lines turn up for sale through used food service equipment vendors.

Build your bakery with leased food service equipment

Food service equipment leasing can offer 100 per cent financing and tax breaks.
service equipment leasing companies at
  • Food service equipment vendors usually focus on bakery ovens and heavy-duty equipment, or they focus on the rest of the baking supplies business.
  • Bakery equipment is tough, built like diesel trucks or elevator cars -- they just don't wear out. So, buying used bakery equipment or bakery ovens can be a good deal if you know how to buy carefully.
  • Food service supplies, including bakery supply, is usually a regional business unless you buy from a few national chains that do big food service supplies contracts. Look for a local vendor first, then price it against the big companies.

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