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The banks of Bangladesh consist of a central bank, four state run banks, five government specialty banks, 30 private banks, and nine foreign owned banks, as well as many as 300 microcredit institutes. While not the scope of the United States, the variety of banks in Bangladesh can present some data collection when trying to gather news and spot trends in the industry. However, if you can spot a trend before it spreads, this can give your company a competitive advantage when banking in Bangladesh.

The best way to attain news and spot trends is to use a variety of commercial banks in Bangladesh resources. Using a variety will give your company many different perspectives from which to draw information. For example, local banks of Bangladesh provide a microeconomic view, whereas the international outlets provide a macroeconomic or global snap shot. However, before you begin the process there are few items to consider:

1. Use the online bank in Bangladesh resources to gather the latest news.

2. Employ local online banking in Bangladesh entities to obtain news and spot industry trends.

3. Review reports on the Bangladeshi banks for a comprehensive industry profile.

Utilize the online global banks in Bangladesh news resources

The online news feeds provide a one-stop shop for banks in Bangladesh news and trends. They effectively scour the Internet for news and information about the Bangladeshi banking industry. This saves you the time and effort of reviewing all the relevant banking data sources.

Make use of the local banks of Bangladesh news resources to help spot industry trends

The local banks of Bangladesh and related entities offer an opportunity to obtain information essentially from the source. These organizations are on the front lines of the local banking system. Whether it's the Central Bank of Bangladesh, a governmental bureau or an industry association, each provides relevant news and trends within the industry.

Study the banking in Bangladesh research reports for a global view of the industry

Rather than having your employees compile Bangladeshi banking information, it's often more efficient to purchase industry reports. However, these reports often take time to compile and can cause your company to spot a trend too late to take advantage of it.

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