Banks in Taiwan Key Terms

Use banks in Taiwan key terms to help manage international banking assets

In order to successfully navigate the banking system in Taiwan, it's important to understand key industry terms. Every country will have certain regulations and procedures that differ from those in the United States. If you can establish a firm knowledge base on which to build a working industry vocabulary, it'll help you manage company assets and eventually increase the rate of return on these assets. However, you first need to determine the terms to study. Below are terms that help with this process.

Taiwan Relations Act or TRA

The Taiwan Relations Act is the official legislation that allows and encourages trade between the United States and Taiwan. This legislation makes banking in Taiwan possible and is subject to change by a vote of the U.S. Congress.

American Institute in Taiwan

The primary responsibility of the American Institute in Taiwan is to facilitate business transactions between Taiwan and the United States. While the primary focus is on import and export, this can be an excellent resource for business banking information.
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China Development Industrial Bank

The China Development Industrial Bank is the largest investment bank and venture capital firm in Taiwan.

Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

The purpose of the Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is to stabilize the financial markets, Taiwan's currency and the banking system within the country via the Bank of Taiwan.

Bank of Taiwan

The Bank of Taiwan is the government-owned bank through which the Central Bank of the Republic of China enforced monetary policy within the country until 1994. After this point, the Bank of Taiwan became a strictly commercial bank.

Taiwan Business Bank

The Taiwan Business Bank is one of the largest banks in the country. The Taiwan Business Bank has branches in Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Australia. These international branches make it much easier to access money from any location in the world.

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