Barn Construction

Finding quality barn design and construction resources

Whether you’re looking for a barn to house your livestock or you’re comparing the attributes of steel barns to wooden barns for industrial purposes, there are numerous online resources available.

Unlike residential building, barn design and construction revolves around specific business goals. Barn designers will customize your plan with engineered trusses, elevated walls and other specialty options.

Before you order barn plans or hire barn builders, consider these fundamentals:
  1. Determine the best location for your barn.
  2. Choose the best barn style for your needs.
  3. Locate barn construction companies.
  4. Find do-it-yourself kits if you’re tackling the job alone.

Determine the proper location

Deciding on a location for your new barn involves several factors, the most important being proper drainage, floodplain mapping and the correct zoning to support your endeavor.
floodplain maps for every county in the United States. Order a paper copy, CD or online version. 

Choose your barn style

Narrowing down the purpose of your barn determines the barn design and the method of construction. An equestrian barn will include different features than will a hay storage barn. The two main types of barn construction are comprised of stick framing, known as "pole barn," construction or the erection of pre-engineered kits.
detail and cost comparison when erecting an agricultural barn or check out commercial barn choices. Look for steel arch reinforcement systems for the strength to withstand high winds.

Hire the best barn construction company

Locating quality barn builders, for either metal barns or wooden barns, is crucial to the success of the finished structure. Look for industry-specific barn building companies with good references.

Do-it-yourself and save

Constructing your own barn from a kit saves money but you must find a pre-made kit or have a custom design firm manufacture one to your specifications. When choosing a kit, request a total material list so you'll know if the insulation, electrical system and plumbing supplies are included.
  • Consider wall height when choosing a barn design. If you need storage for large barn equipment, high overhead doors will require raised walls.
  • Check the waterway pattern of the proposed building site. You may be out of the floodplain, but seasonal water runoff is an issue if your barn is near a natural drainage path.
  • Before your purchase a steel building, check the paint warranty on the exterior metal. Look for a 5-year or longer warranty to assure you won't be repainting anytime soon.

Find Pre-Screened Vendors

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