Barn Structures

Transform your farm, or just your backyard, with some basic barn construction

Barn structures are perhaps the oldest office buildings in the world. Home to one of mankind's oldest industries -- agriculture -- wood barns and steel barns have long been an ideal storage solution for livestock, grain and farm equipment. Modern barn structures, however, are more than the classic red cow barn.

Today's barn structures come in many shapes, sizes and materials, providing practical storage for a wealth of equipment, supplies and inventory. What's more, they're ideal for businesses in a wide variety of industries; whether you're a farmer proper or an entrepreneur -- a florist, for instance, a landscaper or even a retailer -- in need of utilitarian real estate, barn structures might have the features you need.

Ready to do some good old fashioned barn raising? Keep these questions top-of-mind when you're shopping for barn structures:

1. What size structure do I need? Barn structures can be very small, for compact storage needs, or very large, to meet full-scale agricultural demands.
2. What kind of structure do I need? Barn structures include not only barns, but also sheds, silos, stalls and even greenhouses; consider your needs and browse accordingly.
3. What materials do I prefer? Barn structures can be built using a variety of materials; consider, for instance, whether you prefer steel barns or wood barns?
4. How quickly do I need my structure? Prefab barn structures can be built, assembled and erected in as little as a few weeks, while new barn construction can take many months.

Purchase prefab barn structures

Prefab barn structures come pre-built in pieces that can be assembled easily on site. They are ideal for consumers or businesses that need fast or portable solutions, as prefab barn structures can be built more quickly and more cost effectively when compared with new barn construction.

Think about steel barns

Steel barns are considered by many to be stronger and more durable than other barn structures. And because they tend to be more resistant to weather, fire and wear, resulting in lower insurance, maintenance and replacement costs, steel barns are also considered to be more affordable.

Consider wood barns

Wood barns offer classic, sturdy barn construction with a traditional feel. While they tend to be more attractive than steel barns, wood barns also tend to be more expensive. If you want to throw down for something gorgeous, though, wood barns are definitely the way to go.

Use barn kits to build unique barn structures

Barn structures can accommodate a variety of unique needs. They can include, for instance, greenhouses, garages, gazebos, workshops and even residential homes. And like prefab barn structures, all can be built with barn kits, which are designed for easy, fast and affordable assembly.

Commission new barn construction

While prefab barn structures and barn kits are cheaper and faster to build than brand new barns, new barn construction may be worth the time, energy and cost if your business truly depends on strong, functional barn structures in order to thrive.

  • Like any building, barn structures ought to be properly insured; keep your rates low by making sure yours is resistant to fire, weather, mold and pests.
  • Barn structures, like other buildings, are subject to building codes; make sure yours is compliant with construction standards in your area.
  • Are you green? Consider environmentally friendly barn structures, such as wood barns that are built with FSC-certified wood and steel barns built with recycled metal.
  • Barn structures intended as homes for livestock should have animal safety and well-being in mind; look for barn structures that are kick- and bite-proof, hygienic and easy to clean, made with non-toxic materials, etc.
  • If you choose prefab barn structures, or do-it-yourself barn kits, look for products with a good warranty; most prefab barn structures and barn kits should be guaranteed for up to 25 years.

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