Battery Recycling Safety

Find safety information about battery recycling for business and residential use

Battery recycling is a simple process that not only protects the environment, it also protects everyone from exposure to harmful materials. Whether you have the occasional spent alkaline battery from an office appliance, or you deal in automotive dry-cell batteries, recycling safely is still a most

Find out what, if any, battery recycling equipment you need to properly dispose of all the batteries you use. Following the government safety regulations on the proper recycling of batteries isn't hard if you find the right resources. Start your safe recycling by:

1. Finding out exactly what battery recycling procedures are mandatory.

2. Learn how to easily recycle household batteries.

3. Find a battery recycling business for large quantity battery recycling or free drop-off location for a small amount of batteries.

Use the battery recycling for business manuals and guidelines set up by the U.S. government

Follow proper recycling procedures by finding a battery recycling bin for businesses or sending your spent batteries to a recycling center near you. The Environmental Protection Agency has set certain guidelines to follow for safe recycling that include the recycling of rechargeable batteries and even safely recycling non-rechargeables to reuse the metals inside.

Look for battery recycling safety information for household batteries

Alkaline battery recycling options are different from nickel-cadmium options. While not all recycling locations take all types of batteries, more and more are expanding to take many types of common household batteries as a way to cut down on the waste of metals.
University of Illinois Division of Research Safety also includes a chart of some of the household recyclable battery safety tips.

Find organizations and drop-off locations for recycling batteries

The safest and easiest way to recycle batteries of any kind is to find a free battery recycling center. There are centers located throughout the country, and some firms even send recycling packages to mail your spent batteries to them. The process is easy and safe as long as you follow the recommended recycling guidelines.

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