Beer Tap Handles Pricing and Costs

Beer tap handles pricing and costs vary with material and style

Beer kegs everywhere, from major brand name breweries to modest basement home bars, can sport custom beer tap handles. A myriad of logos advertising major beer brands, sports teams, businesses, clubs, or organizations appear on beer keg taps. You may design your own personalized beer tap handles. Several beer tap handle manufacturers offer design assistance. Costs for beer keg handles depend upon the material you wish to use. Wood, metal, ceramics, plastics, and composites are possibilities for making beer tap handles. Manufacturers can sculpt individual handles or use molds to satisfy a bulk order.

Beer tap handles pricing and costs depend on the intricacy of design and choice of material. Simple wood and plastic handles typically run in the $30-$40 range, while prices rise to over $50 for higher priced woods. Prices for fancier beer keg tap handles sculpted from metals may be over $90. On the other hand, brewery taps advertising major companies can cost as little as $10. Most beer tap handle wholesale suppliers offer discounts for bulk orders.

When pricing decorative beer tap handles, consider:

1. Designing your own custom beer tap handles.

2. Shipping costs, especially for overseas suppliers.

3. Consulting a variety of wholesalers.

Design your logo or image for your personalized beer tap handles

Some manufacturers will take your trademark, logo, or a photo and put it on beer tap pulls of your choosing. Others have design departments that will assist you in getting just the right look for your handle.

Select a beer tap handle to suit your theme, logo, or image

Custom beer tap handles appear in all shapes, from brewery symbols to animals to sports teams. You may save by finding an existing shape that will fit your logo rather than designing a new pattern.

Find a beer tap handle manufacturer to fit your budget

Several wholesalers and manufacturers provide pictures and prices of their products. Choosing from beer tap handles for sale takes a little browsing.

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