Brand Management Consultants Key Terms

Learn brand management consultants key terms to optimize your advertising strategies

In a world filled with a plethora of product, getting consumers to recognize a particular brand is tricky. Businesses often find it beneficial to hire a consultant who specializes in brand management. Understanding brand management consultants key terms helps you work with clients in a manner that best suits their business purposes.

With your own knowledge of brand management consultants key terms, you will be able to communicate easily with other industry professionals. Your knowledge gives you an edge and demonstrates your professionalism, which helps you build clientele.


The term brand refers to a specific name given to a service or a product. In the past, factories would often literally brand a product with their insignia or logo, hence the name. Brand management consultants find ways to increase brand recognition in the general public.

Certified Management Consultant

A Certified Management Consultant, also called a CMC, is one of a select group of consultants who has shown that he or she can work according to the IMC USA canon of ethics. These consultants manage their practices in a professional manner and produce high-quality results. There are only 10,000 Certified Management Consultants in the world.


The IMC USA is a certifying body and professional association that promotes excellence and ethics in brand management consulting, as well as other management areas.

B2B Internet advertising

B2B Internet advertising is the term for business to business marketing. Brand marketing consultants use this type of advertising to target advertising outlets.

Niche publication

Brand marketing consultants sometimes focus on niche publications for product exposure. A niche publication specializes in one particular area such as fishing or house repair.

In-house workshops

Some brand marketing consultants offer businesses in-house workshops. These specified and customized training options on brand exposure may be in the form of a lecture or seminar at your business.

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