Business Classification Systems Education and Training

Learn business classification methodology to pursue a career in market research

Undertake your own business classification systems education and training program in order to secure a market research position with the government or any prominent business research organization. Classifying industries is not a skill that you can learn overnight. However, a wide array of Internet sources can help you learn about the guiding principles of this practice. You can then build on that with formal course work and continued study of professional manuals.

Not only should those aspiring to positions as market researchers learn the business code. It's also essential for any employee responsible keeping tabs on duties the government imposes on its products and on overseeing a company's international trade. Use online sources to find the business classification systems education and training program that works for you.

1. Learn the principles of and theories behind business classification.

2. Try online webinars to learn professionals’ methods for the classification of business.

3. Collect manuals you can use as reference material when classifying a business.

Do background research on the development of the business classification system

Learn how business data is collected, what criteria apply to certain industries and basic economic concepts behind business codes. Also, find out why the government uses a certain business code to identify particular industries and how this translates into market forecasting.
U.S. Census Bureau website provides historical documents explaining what criteria determine an industry's classification. Read the Small Business Administration "Size Standards" to understand how they classify small businesses.

Learn the basics of industry classification when you sign up for seminars and online webinars

You'll do best with seminars and formal course work to learn the fundamentals of industry classification systems, such as international trade and the data that governments use when they want to impose duties on goods destined for the global market.

Get ready access to professional manuals focusing on the classification of businesses

Manuals are the handy reference tools providing you with indexes, graphs, charts and other essential business data relied upon by business classifiers.
Library of Congress publishes a series of manuals that serve as guides to industry sources and, in particular, the Standard Industrial Classification Code. Order hard copies or electronic versions of the industry classification manuals put out by the NAICS Association, which developed alongside the Standard Industrial Classification Code.
  • Classifying businesses is an essential skill for any company that seeks to maintain a competitive edge in the international trade market.

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