Business Financial Planning Education and Training

Become a business financial planner with the right education and training

Business financial consulting services are in high demand whether the economy is up or down. Companies both large and small rely on these services to ensure that they're making the most of their investments and managing their assets correctly. A business financial planner helps these companies make the best decisions possible.

Having the right business financial planning education and training will allow you to work for a company in the field or start your own financial management consulting firm. Make sure that you get the best education you can afford; you'll be entrusted with the assets of different companies and your advice can make or break them. Consider the following:

1. Obtain a four-year degree. It's best to get a degree with a concentration in finance, or at least general business. You'll learn the basics of a business financial plan in your coursework.

2. Take your Certified Financial Planner exam. The CFA exam will allow you to practice with a financial consultancy firm.

3. Earn continuing education units in financial services consulting. Although you can take any qualified CEUs, if you want to focus on business financial planning, taking courses focused on that aspect is best.

Learn from corporate financial experts while earning your undergraduate degree

A Bachelor's degree is not a requirement to take your CFP exam, but it is a requirement to get your actual certification. While any four-year degree will suffice, the best plan of action is to earn your Bachelor's degree in an area of finance. There are a variety of financial degree programs available all over the country and online. Some of these programs are tailored to business to business services although most focus on planning for individuals and businesses.

Become a certified business financial planner

Preparing for the financial planning certification exam can be a daunting task. But if you want to work for a financial consulting company, you're going to have to get through it. Taking a special course designed to prepare you for the exam is a great way to make sure you're ready.

Maintain your business finance planning career with continuing education

To keep your certification, you must take continuing education courses each biennium. There is a multitude of business-related CEUs that are approved for use toward maintaining your certification. Examples include evaluation of risk, contracts, economics and financial statements. These will all give you the knowledge you need to advise your clients.
  • In addition to taking continuing education units, you can also opt to take non-credit business financial planning seminars. These will help you learn new concepts as well as help you build your practice or clientele.

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