Business Name Meanings Education and Training

Learn how to research business name meanings to find one that's unique and meaningful

Business name meaning research is an essential part of a business plan, along with steps like identifying your competition and your intended audience. Naming your company is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a small business owner. Your name tells potential customers what you offer and what you stand for, and, if chosen strategically, distinguishes you from your competitors. Your name can also evoke emotion in clients and customers, prompting them to act -- or instead driving them away. And for small businesses, a well-chosen name can create a "larger" image, helping you compete on the same level as more prominent companies.

Creativity is an important part of the process, but you also want your name to be easy to understand. It can the most innovative name in the world, but if people don't "get" it, you could miss out on projects or customers. Also essential is ensuring the name you want isn't already taken. Sources of business name meanings training and education include:
  1. Using business naming software.
  2. Conducting a company name search.
  3. Hiring a branding / business naming consultant.

Learn what makes a powerful name by using company name meaning software

Business name meaning software can make it easier to choose a name that illustrates the meaning you want to convey. You pick a few keywords that represent the image you want for your company, and the software generates several combinations you can choose from and adapt. By seeing what the software recommends, you can learn what kinds of name are most memorable, and use this guidance when creating your own company name.

Conduct a business name check to learn what's unique, and easily identifiable with your industry

Running a business name search can also help you learn what makes a good company name, showing you how to create one that's meaningful because it stands out. Conversely, browsing the names of similar companies can help you determine if you're moving in the right direction. Take cues from other companies, and use them as a basis for your name.

Hire a consultant to research business name background and meaning

For the most in-depth and intensive training, hire a consultant. They can take you step-by-step through the naming process, not just choosing your name for you, but teaching you how it's done. Then, if you ever need to go through the process again, you can draw on what they taught you.