Business Publications

Periodicals with the advice and resources you need to grow your business

Navigating the choppy waters of entrepreneurship takes keen insight. Fortunately, a host of print and online publications aimed at small business owners offer essential tools for survival. Whether you're in startup mode and need to bone up on business basics, you're running a family-owned operation and struggling with succession issues, or you're in a rapidly growing venture and want strategic advice, there's a publication for you.

Business publications cover a vast array of topics, including:

  1. News and trends
  2. Startup
  3. Home-based operations
  4. Franchising
  5. Management issues
  6. Sales and marketing
  7. Technology
  8. Financing and accounting
  9. Profiles of successful entrepreneurs or lucrative industry niches

Newsstand bestsellers

The most popular business magazines — Fast Company, Inc. and Entrepreneur — are packed with advice. Fast Company focuses on leadership and innovation issues in cutting edge niches. Inc. covers wide-ranging management strategies for growing a business with lots of nuts and bolts tools as well as success stories. Entrepreneur's strength is its how-to guides, articles, tools and resources on franchising.

Off-shoots of big business magazines

Big business magazines have small business spin-offs, but some are light on toolkits.

Local business journals

Nearly every major metropolitan area — and many smaller cities — has a newspaper that covers local business. Although not always geared solely to small business, these journals often include features, profiles or advice articles on the subject.

Online business publications

There's no dearth of small business advice online.

Custom publications

Some companies that serve small business also publish custom magazines for their customers.

Association publications

Joining an industry, trade or business association may provide a subscription to a magazine as a benefit. These publications often detail industry-specific news and trends that affect your business.

Start-up ventures

If you're in the early stages of business development, you have several choices for advice and resources.

Home-based businesses

Each year, thousands of businesses get their start in a home office. To flourish in this environment, consider reviewing the tips and tactics laid out in magazines geared to the home-based entrepreneur.

Women-owned businesses

For insight into how to juggle the tasks associated with running a business and family obligations, check out publications geared to women in business.