Business to Business Ecommerce Education and Training

Master the virtual world of e-commerce with business to business e-commerce education and training

Business to business e-commerce involves much more than setting up a PayPal account for customers to shop your wares. Everything involved in the course of day-to-day business, from sales and marketing to customer service and CRM to supply chain management, can now be handled over the Internet.

Take advantage of business to business ecommerce education and training to gain entrance to the nuances of B2B ecommerce. Do you know what’s involved in domain registration, processing transactions, tracking inventory, maintaining contact with customers and suppliers, or back-office work such as accounting or securing company data? Rather than struggle with the whole field, take your education one step at a time.

1. Peruse association and vendor sites for specific applications.

2. Take a higher education course to master ecommerce.

3. Enhance your professional growth through continued education classes and certification in business to business e-commerce.

Review business to business ecommerce software sites and associations to get a lay of the land

If you determine your business would benefit from B2B ecommerce, look up training offered by associations and vendors, who can walk you through the specifics of the B2B ecommerce software you'll be using to link into the world of ecommerce.

Take business to business ecommerce solution training to a higher-ed level through colleges

If you decide business to business ecommerce is the right direction to take your company, and you want to tackle its execution in-house, get a thorough education on B2B ecommerce via distance learning through colleges and universities with departments devoted to e-commerce.

Become a certified expert in B2B ecommerce solutions

Once you're grounded in the terrain and have explored your options, perhaps you'll decide to take the plunge into handling your company's business to business ecommerce software solution full time. Enhance your professional development by taking accredited courses, or obtaining full certification in ecommerce.
  • As you educate yourself on business to business electronic commerce, decide how much you want to tackle in-house and how much to outsource. First, remember transparency: does your B2B e-commerce application look like your company's site, or can your customers and suppliers tell they're being shunted to a third party? Also, does the business ecommerce solution strategy fit with your company's business model: are you a mass marketer, or do you link closely to a relatively small group of customers and suppliers? Make the B2B ecommerce application fit your business structure.

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