Business to Business Ecommerce Key Terms

Some terms you will find as you investigate business to business Ecommerce

Business to business ecommerce has become ubiquitous and as users of the Internet have proliferated, the terminology used to describe them has become almost part of our common vernacular. Whether you are a small, medium or large business, you will want to have a presence on the Internet. There are wide varieties of components and tools that you will want to find out about and the technology is changing rapidly. The use of the Internet for your business will result in greater accessibility for customers and cost savings for your business. As you explore this topic, it would behoove you to become familiar with some of the terms you will find.


An ASP or application service provider is a business that provides software application services via the Internet. Usually the ASP owns the software, owns and operates the server, then runs the application. Business to business ecommerce sites usually use an ASP.

Keyboard or mouse macros

Keyboard or mouse macros are any programming or user interface that transforms short sequences of keystrokes or mouse actions to be converted into more time-consuming sequences. That way the repetitive sequences can be automated. Business to business ecommerce applications utilize macros.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the functionality of traffic to a website. To achieve greater optimization, editing of content is used to increase the relevance of specific keywords and to remove barriers. Business to business ecommerce sites use search engine optimization to streamline utilization by customers.

Web crawler

A web crawler is a computer program that browses the Internet in a systematic and automated manner. Other terms that are used include automatic indexers, bots, worms or ants. The crawler creates a copy of all the pages that were visited and processes them by indexing the downloaded pages so that faster searches can be done. Business to business ecommerce applications utilize web crawlers.


Pay-per-click is an advertising model that is used on the Internet by search engines, content sites and advertising networks and in which advertisers pay a host only when their particular ad is clicked. Business to business ecommerce sites often use this model to increase their revenue.

Web banner

A web banner or banner ad is a type of advertising that can be found on the Internet. There is an advertisement embedding into a web page and its intent is to attract traffic or visits to another website when the customer clicks or link to the advertiser's website. Business to business ecommerce often use web banners to increase traffic to their site.

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