Buttons and Fasteners Types and Styles

Offer a range of buttons and fasteners types and styles to meet customer demand

Everyone from garment makers to home seamstresses to crafters working on sewing, doll making or scrapbooking use buttons and fasteners in their projects. By offering a wide selection of these sewing notions, you may see a boost in your bottom line. Despite the fact that clothing buttons and fasteners aren’t big-ticket items, you may generate repeat business or receive related sales for higher-end items like sewing patterns or equipment.

Study the different types of garment fasteners to ensure you meet your customers’ needs whether they’re looking for traditional buttons, zippers, snaps or hook and eye fasteners to complete their projects. If you’re knowledgeable about the garment closures, can offer customer assistance and choose the correct inventory when seeking to:
  1. Order an assortment of button fasteners, including styles like custom buttons, novelty buttons or buttons made out of different materials like resin, shells or wood.
  2. Buy different types of garment fastenings like snaps, hooks, rivets and eyelets that customers will use for sewing or crafting projects.
  3. Find a variety of zip fastener styles for clients seeking zippers in different lengths and colors for garment making.

Discover different types of fastening buttons to meet clients' sewing and crafting needs

Assist customers by selling buttons in diverse sizes, colors and styles. Not only do garment makers and crafters use buttons on clothing, but they also use the fasteners as decorative accents on everything from handmade cards to jewelry. Stocking a variety of themed and customized buttons will increase sales in these large markets.

Consider stocking diverse garment closures from snaps to hook and eye fasteners

Appeal to customers who don't need buttons as garment fastenings. Keep an inventory of snaps, grommets, hook and eye fasteners and knotted cord ties on hand, for example, to reach more garment makers, as well as customers who need the fasteners for garment repairs.

Choose a selection of zippers for customers looking for this type of garment closures

Customers creating clothing or accessories with zippered closures will be searching for zip fastener styles to coordinate with their project or fabric patterns. Offer different zipper lengths to accommodate adult and children's clothing, as well as accessories of various sizes from large tote bags to tiny coin purses.

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