C/C++/C# Education and Training Key Terms

Some basic terms you'll encounter when learning C/C++/C#

In today's tech market, the C suite of languages represents a very conventional part of the coding used to make the whole range of business applications function. Programmers often use C, C#, C+, and C++ for all kinds of projects, and collaborate on larger projects where C provides a basis for complex automation. When a beginner wants to get into C, it's good to learn some of the main aspects of C education and training. Knowing key terms that describe certain skills will help you get started.

C syntax

Syntax is the basic components of the C and C-based language set. For learning C, C+ or C#, this is a basic first step. The beginning of C education and training is figuring out the different terminology for variables, constants, operators and other constructs.

C code samples

C code samples are sets of code that demonstrate to beginners just how C programming works. Basic code samples can be powerful tools for any level of education in C or a C language. They also show how coding conventions have developed within the C coding community.

C and C# tutorials

Tutorials are another common way that beginners get access to knowledge about coding and programming in C-based languages.

C certification

Programmers who want to get in-depth with C, C+ or C# will often obtain C certification. Passing the C language certification exam that gives the programmer a useful programming credential.
Bellevue College. Before you invest the time and money in a certification course, make sure the certification administrator is recongnized throughout the industry.

Object-oriented programming, or OOP

Object-oriented programming, sometimes abbreviated OOP, comes into play often when talking about C and related languages. OOP is the practice of using languages around "object" frameworks rather than in "free data" designs.

C compiler

Like other languages, C uses a compiler to translate human language into machine language. Aside from syntax and coding, the beginner in C languages should learn about how the C compiler works.

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