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Cable infrastructure design deals with how cables are made. A telecommunications cable can either consist of one or more wires bound together and insulated or one or more optical fibers bound together and insulated. There is also specialty cabling where the infrastructure consists of a combination of both wire and fiber optic cables.

When designing and constructing a wire cable infrastructure, builders choose for a variety of factors:
  1. Cable physical size.
  2. Power-handling capability of the cable infrastructure.
  3. Cost.
  4. Continuous grounded current flow.
  5. Protection against interference from outside signals.
  6. Efficient transfer of electric currents from one circuit to another through a series of connectors.
  7. Efficient power supply switchers regulating current flow from excess power interruptions.
  8. Cable insulation protection against radiation leakage dangers.
A fiber optic cable transmits light across its length from one place to another mostly as a conduit for digital information. Efficient fiber optic cable infrastructure design includes these elements:
  1. Glass or plastic fibers.
  2. Transmitters emitting light in fiber optic cabling.
  3. Receivers converting light into electricity.
  4. Multiplexing that divides the signal into multiple channels.
  5. Amplifiers regulating the signal's distance.
Because of the inherent complexity of these factors in wire, fiber optic and specialty cable system design and construction, knowledgeable cable consulting professionals are very important.

Get cable system design and construction information from US government-sponsored consultants

Cable infrastructure construction and design consultants may come from many agencies and entities of the US government, including the White House and the Department of Labor.
Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) is the research and engineering lab of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). Its Technical Progress Report (PDF) includes advancements in cable infrastructure solutions. Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) is a White House-directed emergency phone infrastructure service administered by the Department of Homeland Security. Find out how to participate in GETS.

Get cable infrastructure solutions information from cable professional organizations

Cable infrastructure construction and design professional organizations have helped establish cable industry standards and may be able to provide consultants for your business
Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has been one of the prime movers in establishing cable infrastructure construction standards. At its website, you can find consultants for cabling and wires (under "Contact Information") and consultants for fiber optics cable infrastructure construction. TIA provides additional information on fiber optics cable infrastructure at the Fiber Optics LAN Section (FOLS) website. Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) offers a long list of member websites and The Fiber Optic Association (FOA) has a searchable member database for those seeking a fiber optic cable infrastructure installer. Here you can find a local chapter of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE).

Visit websites of individual cable infrastructure construction and design consultant companies

Consider that private sector cable infrastructure construction and design consultants may specialize more in cable infrastructure design than cabling infrastructure construction, and vice versa.

For cable infrastructure construction and design info, read cable professional trade magazines

Cable professional trade magazines may have different focuses, such as cable infrastructure construction and maintenance or general cable industry news and opinions.
  • When looking for a cable infrastructure construction contractor, understand that these contractors may have different specialties, such as on-premises cabling, off-premises cabling, wire cabling and/or fiber optics cabling.

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