Cactus Plants

Purchasing cacti and succulent plants on line and proper cactus care

Many people do not realize that there is a difference between cactus plants and succulents. While all cacti are part of the succulent family, succulent plants are not always cacti. The primary difference is the presence of an aereole, which is a small patch or bump that has spines growing from it. The aereole is found on all cacti, but not on all succulents.

A cactus plant is generally very easy to take care of. They simply require sunlight, water and a large pot with proper drainage. It is essential that any water put into the pot drains well because leaving a cacti in standing water will cause it to rot and die. Here are some tips on proper cactus care when you need to put a plant in a new pot:

1. Carefully take the cactus plant out of its current pot while wearing leather gloves.

2. Remove the dirt and trim the roots.

3. Use a large pot that will give the cacti room to grow.

4. Place the roots under the soil but make sure to keep all of the leaves above ground.

5. Find a spot for the newly potted plant where it has access to sunlight.

Buy cactus on line

There are many online nurseries where you can buy cactus plants. These plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, so browse through the different types of plants to see which one you like best.

Purchase succulent plants on line

Most any type of succulent is available for home delivery from online nurseries. Review their catalogs to see the wide array of plants.

Find what you need to help your cactus plants thrive

Cacti have adapted to grow in harsh desert environments, but there are a few things plant owners can do to keep them healthy and growing. Place the plants into a pot that has drainage holes, use soil that is designed specifically for cacti and keep the plants free of harmful pests.

  • Put small wooden chips to help absorb water along the bottom of the pot that you are placing your cactus plants in.
  • Watch out for bugs that can harm your cacti such as spider mites and aphids.
  • Cacti and succulent plants generally do well in soil that is slightly acidic.