California Labor and Employment Law Education and Training

Implement California labor laws correctly by utilizing information resources

The purpose of California state employment law is to protect the welfare of employees. As an employer, you must implement federal and state labor laws in your hiring practices, the wages you pay employees, how you and your staff treat other employees and in many other areas.

In order to protect yourself from a lawsuit or prosecution for noncompliance, it’s important that you fully understand what each California labor and employment law means and the intended protection it gives. You will also need to know when laws are changed or how court decisions modify the interpretation of labor laws. Use the following strategies to stay informed:

1. Connect with forums and question and answer pages provided by organizations that specialize in California employment law.

2. Reference articles and blogs for a better understanding of CA state labor law.

3. Check for seminars in your area to obtain further California labor and employment law education and training.

Submit questions to experts on employment laws in California

Several organizations and California employment law firms provide various resources, such as forums, tools and links, to help employers know and understand the laws they must abide by each day regarding their staffs. Most of these resources will provide accurate and up-to-date information so that you're not in the dark on the latest law changes and interpretations.
California Labor and Workforce Development Agency provides tips for employers to effectively review and stay apprised of CA employment law. The United States Department of Labor - Employment and Training Administration provides the Workforce Professionals page with helpful law updates, tools, resources and links. The Law Offices of Michael Tracy offers answers to frequently asked questions about California state labor laws.

Study articles and manuals to assist your understanding of labor laws in California

Many labor lawyers in California will often provide access to articles, newsletters and other resource materials to keep area employers informed. Additionally, you should acquire books and other manuals to help guide you and answer common questions regarding the labor laws you must enforce within your business practices.
law firm of Harris & Kaufman offers a number of articles on California state work laws. Access Storm’s California Employment Law, a blog devoted to labor law issues within the state and written by an area attorney, to keep apprised of relevant information. Sign up to receive the California Employment Law Letter, a monthly publication from HRhero written for employers by California labor law attorneys.

Frequent conferences and workshops regarding CA labor laws

Local organizations and universities may offer seminars and courses to familiarize you with the basics of labor and employment law. Most charge a registration fee of some sort, but may be well worth it to have a better understanding of the California labor law process.
California Department of Industrial Relations website and click on “training” for information on upcoming seminars for employers. Carlton DiSante & Freudenberger offers monthly roundtable discussions for the California state labor law issues that human resources officials deal with daily.
  • Don't rely upon your own research and understanding if a problem arises regarding your company's application of California state work laws. Always consult California labor law firms if you're in doubt about anything, so you and your business are protected. Find an attorney that has board certification in labor and employment law for the most trustworthy results.