Call Center Equipment and Supplies

Finding supplies and equipment for your call center

So you've been tasked with getting equipment for a call center. As a really post-modern enterprise, the call center is based on sometimes complicated equations with a fundamental structure that goes something like this: fiber optics + software + people + drive. So, for outfitting your call center, you'll want to look at tools for calling, tools for recording calls and tools for getting line management.

Call center managers look for solutions for:

1. Agent help -- databases to identify calls and track progress.
2. Management help -- quality assurance, including call recording and monitoring tools.
3. Technology solutions for communications like VoIP.

Look to the latest in contact center technology

When you've assembled your call center space with workstations for each agent, you'll need comprehensive software to help run your calls. Online vendors offer VoIP software, database and overall call management solutions; browse their types of programs to see what you need.

Get call center equipment in the form of hardware

In addition to all of your computer tools, you'll want decent hardware like dialers and headsets. Although some of your people might get a kick out of the old 1960s units you've got stored in the closet, it might be better to go with all-new models for better functionality. You can buy new headsets online with connectivity features that will streamline your call center operation.

Find monitoring solutions

This step is different for each business manager. Companies offer high-tech call recording software to evaluate agent calls, but a big disclaimer goes along with these packages: recording calls can be a sticky issue due to ambiguous legality of call recording in general. Call center managers can choose to do "spot-checks" on open lines instead of the call recording option.

  • Pay attention to agent motivation and general call center structure. Although your call center equipment and supplies are a large part of your success equation, you won't get far without trained and motivated staff and good leadership. Don't neglect thoughtful staff meetings and two-way communication; these things enable your business to self-evaluate for the future.
  • Don't forget Do Not Call compliance tools, which should be included in any software package you buy.

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