Calligraphy Pens

Know the modern tools your customers in the calligraphy business need to create this ancient art

A calligraphy pen is the tool by which the calligrapher transforms ordinary letters and numbers into visual masterpieces. They differ from fountain pens; specially constructed nibs allow the writer to create strokes in varying thicknesses and angles.

Traditional instruments used in calligraphy, quill pens and reeds, have been replaced largely by metal and plastic-bodied pens. Calligraphy pen suppliers now also carry porous-tip pens, available in a wide range of colors, which resemble ordinary felt markers.

Professional calligraphers may want a particular kind of nib (steel or copper, with single or multiple nib points) or one constructed for a left-handed writer. Those learning the art or wishing to use calligraphy to make personal invitations and other writings more attractive may be content with a set of low cost, colorful felt-tip pens. A calligraphy set (usually containing a guide to the basics of calligraphy, ink, paper, and pens) is an attractive gift.

When purchasing calligraphy pens for sale or use in your business:

1. Research the brands of calligraphy pens on the market.

2. Understand the different needs of professionals in the calligraphy business as well as hobbyists.

3. Increase customer interest by creating attractive displays of calligraphy pens and calligraphy supplies and hosting promotional events.

Find reputable calligraphy pen suppliers

Find suppliers that offer several brands of calligraphy pens at a variety of price points, including inexpensive, high quality marker types to satisfy the needs of the professional calligrapher, as well as novices to the art and those using calligraphy for personal projects.

Provide expertise and resources about calligraphy pens and calligraphy

Increase your expertise so that you can advise on the best calligraphy pens for both the professional and the hobbyist. Keep handy a 'fact sheet' containing information about calligraphy classes and workshops for enthusiasts at all levels. Host a demonstration of calligraphy writing in conjunction with the introduction of new products or promotion of a particular calligraphy pen.

Promote calligraphy pens in displays including other calligraphy supplies

Give customers all the supplies they need for a project in one place (including calligraphy ink, paper, etc.) Include blank invitations and special stationery in the display or have them readily available for the customer.

  • Stock the best calligraphy pens to attract serious buyers. Offering the highest quality materials as well as more economical calligraphy pens and other calligraphy supplies will ensure that you have the right tool for every customer. The official source of Calligraphy Pens is the Calligraphy Pens page at
  • Offer information about local calligraphy writing specialists. Customers without sufficient expertise may want to have invitations or other writings done by a professional.

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