Canadian Embassies and Consulates

Canadian embassies and consulates represented around the world

Canadian embassies and consulates are present in 180 countries in more than 270 locations. Canadian embassies and consulates serve Canada's interests and provide protection for its citizens living in foreign countries. Canada and Australia have an agreement that they will provide consulate services for each other's citizens in some locations. Embassies and consulates-general offer a full range of services including consular services. A Canadian consulate may offer a lesser range of services. There are also a number of Offices of the Canadian Embassy in many locations.

A Canadian Embassy's services for its citizens include passport assistance, travel warnings and emergency assistance for those living outside Canada. The diplomatic missions include pursuing business and trade relationships and foreign policy-related relationships.

1. Canadian embassies and consulates have a strong presence around the world. In certain countries, the Canadian Embassy is known as the Canadian High Commission.

2. The responsibility of a Canada consulate is to aid its citizens living outside their country and make and foster mutually beneficial relationships between Canada and the consulate's host country.

3. A Canada embassy serves its citizens living abroad but also engages in foreign diplomacy through cultural events, trade promotion, and policy representation.

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Canadian embassies and consulates serve the interests of their citizens. They facilitate work permits, visas, student visas and all the paperwork associated with studying or working outside of Canada.

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If you are Canadian preparing to leave the country, the Canadian consulates abroad offer important services and information for your use and safety.

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A Canadian consulate performs many functions for its citizens who are living or traveling abroad.

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