Cargo Escorts and Pilot Car Services Basics

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If your firm is shipping an oversize load on the road, it will need to employ a wide load escort. These cargo escorts and pilot car services warn motorists that a hazardous load is sharing the road. The transportation escort services include one or more escort cars, special signage and warning flags. The escort car will have flashing lights and a professional driver.

The wide load escort service also includes pilot car certification and help with permits and trip planning. Wide load escorts are familiar with road conditions and possible obstacles. The oversize escort will travel the entire route with the load, making a pre-planned itinerary a must. Most pilot car services are regional, although some cover the U.S. and Canada. Most charge by the mile, with rates calculated for single and multiple escort vehicles. To learn more about cargo escorts and pilot car services basics, do the following:

1. Find information on pilot car services.

2. Identify oversize escorts available for your route.

3. Compare transportation escort services.

Check online sources for cargo escorts and pilot car services

If shipping oversize loads is a regular business occurrence, it's a smart move to learn more about wide load escort services. The key to a successful trip is preparation. Plan your route, making sure there are no off-limit tunnels or similar hindrances. Avoid steep grades and back roads when possible. Your transportation folks also should read the federal and state regulation.
U.S. Department of Transportation website for "Pilot Car Escort Best Practices." The site also contains tips on pre-trip planning and trip documentation. If shipping oversize loads is a regular business occurrence, send your team to the Barney's Pilot Car Equipment website. It can purchase safety equipment used by pilot cars.

Locate trucking escort services

Many trucking escort services cover regional territories, although some have a national scope. Note that states require escort car companies and drivers to be certified in the state. Your company might be able to negotiate deliveries beyond territorial boundaries with your service provider.

Find full-service pilot car services

Your choice of transportation escort services could be limited by the circumstances of the shipment's origin or destination. For loads crossing state lines, find companies that operate in that territory. If needed, your cargo escorts and pilot car services provider can offer recommendations for freight carriers.
  • Information on state certification should be posted on aoversize load escorts company website. If not, request it by fax.

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