Carpentry Education and Training for Beginners

Learn the basics about carpentry school and how to obtain a successful carpentry career

When it comes to obtaining carpentry education and training, there are many paths one can take along the way. Some carpenters simply learn by doing, while others take part in an apprenticeship, while others still receive degree from an accredited institution. Take the time to learn about these several paths and which path might be right for you in obtaining your carpentry education.

Things to look for in carpentry education are the total time it'll take you to complete the course, the amount of money it will cost to take those courses and how much you might stand to make once you have completed all of your education. Here are some basic resources to check out from informational guides, to videos, and carpentry education that will point you in the right direction of carpentry education and training for beginners.

1. Learn about the process of carpentry education and training in order to become a full time carpenter as a career.

2. Find online video tutorials that offer carpentry classes in small segments.

3. Find carpentry organizations which information, resources and classes for carpentry education.

Educate yourself on the carpenters training required to pursue a career in the carpentry field

There are several quality websites dedicated to providing specific information about career paths and how to obtain the proper education in order to work in that field. The field of carpentry is no different. Learn about how one takes carpentry lessons, obtain the proper certification and become a carpenter to make a living. Things that will be covered are the pay one expects to receive, the job market horizon and a discussion of potential career advancement over the course of a career in carpentry.
Bureau of Labor Statistics. They offer a comprehensive guide for beginners on carpentry education. Education Portal also offers a guide to the various aspects of carpentry education.

Locate carpentry "how-to" videos that aid in your carpentry education

Another great resource for carpentry training is utilizing reputable videos on the Internet. There are literally thousands of videos on small carpentry projects posted on the Internet that one may use as a tool to learn. Simply select the carpentry training video that speaks to what you want to learn about. This is a great way to get a base knowledge of what the project entails before attempting it.

Find carpentry organizations which offer carpentry school and apprenticeships

Many carpenters belong to unions throughout the Unites States. Many of those unions offer training, apprenticeships and educational programs. Depending upon the nature of the union, upon completion you may be granted admission into that union so that you may further your career in carpentry. Seeking out organizations of professionals is always a help in finding training and education resources.
United Brothers of Carpentry. A nationwide organization, they have information on carpentry school, carpentry apprenticeships, woodworking schools woodworking classes and more. The Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters also offers information on apprenticeships and training programs in and around the state of Michigan.