Certified Financial Planners

Guard the future of your business with the aid of certified financial planners

Certified financial planners help you meet your business goals by properly managing your finances. Their guidance can give you valuable insight regarding the financial decisions you make for your business. Certified financial planners' training aids them in taking a broad look at all areas of your finances to create the most comprehensive plan for meeting your business goals.

While the term financial planner is used by many financial professionals, CFP practitioners or certified financial planners have training in insurance, investments, retirement planning, tax planning and estate planning. Certified financial planners' advice can provide guidance over the lifetime of your business or on a short-term basis to address specific concerns in your business. Before selecting a certified financial planner, get the answers to these questions:

1. What type of work experience does this CFP have?

2. What services do the certified financial planners provide?

3. How are the certified financial planners paid and what types of charges can you expect?

4. Has there been any disciplinary action taken for unethical or unlawful conduct?

5. Will the certified financial planners provide a written agreement detailing the responsibilities of the planner and the client?

Reign in the cost of employee benefits with certified financial planners' advice

Certified financial planners with expertise in employee benefits provide guidance for setting up a benefits package that meets your staff's needs and allows you certain tax breaks. They can restructure your benefit plan to give you more control and help you realize some savings by getting the full value of your benefits dollars.

Secure tax help with certified financial planners

Taxes play a part in practically every financial decision you make, and certified financial planners possess in-depth industry knowledge of the various tax laws affecting your business. Certified financial planners training encompasses income taxes, tax issues unique to each business structure and tax-advantaged investments.

Enhance your business with certified financial planners' advice

Certified financial planners' information and guidance regarding business planning can protect and boost your business. The start-up, growth and transition phases of your business each present their own unique set of challenges. Certified financial planners' advice will prepare you for expansion, protect your business and personal assets and plan for business continuation.

  • Prior to engaging a certified financial planner, check with the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. You will be able to verify their credentials and find out if they have ever been disciplined by the CFP Board.