CNC Milling Machines Safety

Keep your employees safe as they operate CNC milling machines

While a CNC milling machine has more safety features than a regular mill, there are still safety precautions everyone who operates your milling machines CNC control should take. In fact, training should be included in the CNC milling machine price if at all possible. Regardless of whether you have a benchtop CNC milling machine or a large model, the same safety precautions should apply.

Because CNC milling machines are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment, anyone who touches them should have basic training in their operation. This training should include safety precautions. Also, anyone operating the milling machines CNC control should:

1. Wear protective eyewear suitable for use around a CNC milling machine.

2. Tuck loose fabric such as shirttails in to pants.

3. Wear steel-toed safety shoes or boots.

Know the CNC milling machines in the shop

While no one can know how to operate every CNC milling machine, everyone in your shop should have basic instruction on operating the equipment safely. This may mean a course at a local vocational school will need to be arranged. Another option would be to hire a safety specialist come to your shop to train everyone. A third option is to have one of your staff members attend train-the-trainer classes, then teach everyone else.
Fox Valley Technical College. You can also study the diagram of a table top CNC milling machine at Be sure you can identify the safety features on the CNC milling machine.

Post safety rules near the CNC milling machines

Draw up a set of rules you expect your employees to abide by on a daily basis. Post those rules in a prominent place near the CNC milling machine. Since shops sometimes get dusty, it's a good idea to laminate the rules so that they remain visible for a longer period of time. Replace the safety sign when necessary.
Rensselaer Polytechnic for your business.

Maintain safety guards on CNC tree milling machines

If a safety guard breaks, replace it immediately. If you don't have one on hand, do not use the machine until it's replacement is on the machine.
Occupational Safety & Health Administration publishes a guide to safeguarding machinery, including CNC milling machines.

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