COBOL Programming Education and Training Key Terms

Some key terms for COBOL programming education and training

COBOL or Common Business-Oriented Language is what some would call a dinosaur in the programming world. However, to others, who might call it a "legacy" language, COBOL is still very relevant. In particular, the simple syntax of COBOL makes it popular with some users. Also, there are many businesses using software designed in previous eras when COBOL was the norm. That means that COBOL may be around for a while. Businesses looking to establish themselves in the COBOL industry can take a look at these simple key terms for learning the basics of the language or going in depth and getting training and credentials.

COBOL syntax

One of the first things that a user should learn about COBOL is its syntax. COBOL syntax is the set of terms used in writing code in COBOL. These key words make up the functionality of this traditional computer language.

COBOL code samples

COBOL code samples are examples of actual COBOL programs. These presentations will show beginners how the COBOL syntax is used in practice and gives insight into how to learn the language.

COBOL tutorials

COBOL tutorials are online modules that show first time users or others how to structure COBOL programs and commands. COBOL tutorials are a useful step in getting better trained in this language.

COBOL business applications

Although in computer programming, "application" generally refers to a stand-alone program, COBOL applications can also mean the ways that COBOL can be used in a business environment. According to many, it is being phased out for newer, sleeker options, but COBOL has a number of elements that some experts say will make it part of the business world for some time to come.

COBOL training classes

These kinds of training solutions show students how to use COBOL incisively: take a look to see what kind of COBOL training would be right for a business staffer.

COBOL certification

COBOL certification is the process of getting credentialed in this language. A business may want to invest in getting one or more staffers COBOL certified in order to persuade clients of in-house skill in dealing with COBOL.

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