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Shop coffee filter suppliers to find the right filters for the perfect cup

Buying coffee filters can be as simple as placing an order with a local restaurant supplier, or it can be quite an undertaking to find a filter for a specialized brewing machine. With the right resources, though, you can buy coffee filters for your home and business with little effort, no matter your specific application and equipment needs.

Keeping specific needs in mind, take stock of how many coffee filters you'll need each month, how much storage space you have, and any specific brewing quality considerations such as a need for high-flow filters. Before utilizing the resources in this guide, consider the following to help simplify your search:

1. Coffee makers may require manufacturer-specific filters

2. Buy coffee filters in bulk

3. Restaurant suppliers may handle the filters you'll need

Find brand-specific coffee filters, information on equipment directly from the manufacturer

Most restaurant coffee filters suppliers deal in run-of-the-mill filters, but most restaurants employ Bunn-O-Matic coffeemakers in their kitchens, which work most efficiently with high-flow Bunn coffee filters. Specialty cafes with prosumer Krups coffee and espresso machines may also need manufacturer-specific filters.

Buy commercial coffee filters in bulk to save your budget

If your commercial coffee equipment doesn't require its own special filters, register as a wholesale buyer with online coffee suppliers that also offer products to enhance your customers' coffee-drinking experience. You can choose to order filters by the bulk case, or save a little less and order fewer filters. If your storage space is at a premium, set up smaller, regular orders of wholesale coffee filters to suit your coffee-making volume.

Convert to an eco-friendly brand or permanent coffee filter to go green, save green

Filters whitened with chlorine bleach can leave a little extra in your brew, in the form of toxic dioxin. Switch to dioxin-free white filters, or take your eco-friendly game to the next level. Replace the waste of disposable coffee filters altogether with commercial reusable coffee filters, espresso filters and even a 24-karat-gold coffee filter cone that boasts the best brew in the business.
  • High-end coffee makers, including prosumer and commercial models, need more than the right coffee filters to make great coffee. Java aficionados swear by filtered, or even bottled, water to make sediment-free jo, and your coffee maker may already have a filter in the water reservoir. Change it frequently for the best-tasting coffee, and clean your machine on a regular schedule to prevent lime scale deposits in your reservoir.

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