Coffee Filters Key Terms

Some key terms for selecting coffee filters for a business

So buying coffee filters for the office or work place should be a snap, right? Unfortunately, when it comes to providing these basic staples for a business coffee machine, it's not as easy as you might think. Coffee filter buyers should take a look at a wide array of choices to decide what kind of coffee filters will best provide a business with the quality it needs for the long term. Looking at some basic key terms for coffee filter types will help with those decisions.

Green or eco-friendly coffee filters

Green coffee filters are those that have a relatively positive (or less negative) effect on the environment. Reusable coffee filters are one example of green coffee filters. Others have features that promote ecology, as opposed to the less sustainable paper filters that may include a lot of chemical processing.

Cloth coffee filters

Cloth coffee filters are reusable filters made from specific thin cloth designs. Some users prefer cloth, while others find it messy. However, cloth is one option that's getting increasing attention in some quarters as a more sustainable choice.

Titanium filters

Some upscale kinds of coffee makers use titanium coffee filters, which are made from this inert metal with porous holes for filtration.

Gold coffee filter

A gold coffee filter is a reusable filter that uses the precious metal gold in some capacity to provide filtration. These come in various models, including gold with stainless steel and gold lined filters. So, for those who thought a gold coffee filter was a joke, take a look and see how affordable these options can be.

Non-bleached filters

Non-bleached coffee filters are filters that were not treated with chemicals to make them white. Bleached filters were long popular for color results, but are now under fire for adding traces of unhealthy additives to the mix.

Melitta coffee filters

Melitta brand coffee filters are made using a proprietary Melitta design to allow for micro-perforated filtering to release flavor in brewed coffee. These specific filters are popular with some buyers.

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