Coffee News and Trends

Use the media to keep up with the newest trends in coffee

Coffee is one of those goods that consumers are either passionate about or stay far away from it. The coffee industry has some of the most avid enthusiasts of any other food or beverage product out there. Maybe it's because some use coffee to start their day and then rely on it to keep them going. Or maybe it's because some just love the full-bodied flavor and aromas that coffee elicits. Whatever the reason, coffee companies are constantly growing and becoming more competitive along the way.

Keep these sources in mind as you choose your coffee inventory:

1. Subscribe to coffee-specific trade magazines to keep up on the latest and to get new ideas to keep your business fresh.

2. Follow online coffee blogs written for both coffee manufacturers and coffee wholesalers.

3. Attend coffee trade shows to show off your goods and to check out the competition.

Subscribe to magazines to stay up with the latest coffee news and trends

As the coffee industry grows, you want to grow with it. Reading materials directed at coffee manufacturers, coffee distributors and others in the coffee industry will keep you informed of what steps and innovations others in your business are making. Not only do you want to know what they are up to, but staying one step ahead would be even better. If you are one of the coffee suppliers or a coffee wholesaler, consider advertising in these types of publications.

Read online coffee blogs to get consumer insight

Whether you are a coffee manufacturer or a coffee distributor, anyone in the coffee industry can benefit from the words of the consumer. Often blogs are written by a knowledgeable source but then followed by comments from anyone interested in coffee information. Who knows, maybe you'll even get to read about your own coffee company online.

Attend coffee trade shows to display or just to observe

Trade shows are not only good for your exposure as a business, but they are also a great time for checking out the other company's coffee supply. Coffee distributors, coffee manufacturers and those there as a coffee vendor are all in the same place at the same time. You can really get a handle on what's new in your industry by attending a trade show.
  • To really be up with the latest in the coffee world, you need to stay in the midst of it. Remember to keep a balance between trying to market your own business vs. keeping up with what the rest of the coffee industry is up to.

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