Coffee Vending Carts

Start a unique business by putting coffee vending carts to use

Making a living off coffee vending cart sales is relatively easy. You have little overhead and you don't even have to deal with advertising--your customers are purely from foot traffic. As you become better known, patrons will keep coming back when they're in your area.

You can set up your coffee vending cart in a number of places, including busy sidewalks, parks, malls and near special events. Select from a variety of mobile or stationary cants, and, if you have the desire and cash, customize the cart you choose to best fit your business.

Before you jump in and buy a cart to start your business, think about the following:

1. Do some research on what it takes to start up coffee cart businesses. Your most expensive cash outlay will be for the cart itself.

2. Determine the best locations for your coffee vending carts. You must choose places that have lots of foot traffic as well as customer bases that will take advantage of your services.

3. Start with a small, basic cart and then upgrade as you begin to see some profits. When buying a coffee cart, just start out with an affordable cart that fits your initial needs.

Find a quality mobile coffee cart for sale

Portable coffee carts have to be able to stand up to the abuse caused by transporting them around on a regular basis. If you want to sell coffee on the streets, at concerts, art shows or special events, you'll need a sturdy cart that's made well.

Set up a stationary coffee vending cart

Many hospitals, airports, malls, theme parks and other gathering places have coffee carts and kiosks set up for their visitors. Stationary carts are better for these locations since it would be a real hassle to move a mobile cart each and every day.

Consider custom coffee vending carts

When you start a coffee cart business, it's beneficial to get your company's name and logo printed on your awning or your cart. This makes you look more professional and allows customers to spread your name when they talk to their friends about how good your coffee is.

  • If you only need access to a cart for special occasions or if you only work seasonally, consider locating a coffee cart rental company in your area. That way, you're not paying to use the cart when you don't even need it.

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