Colorado Corporation and Partnership Law for Beginners

Learn the rules on incorporation with Colorado corporation and partnership law for beginners

Colorado corporation and partnership law for beginners can help you learn the basics on incorporating in Colorado. Forming a corporation in Colorado includes several steps including establishing a company name, incorporating the company by filing articles of incorporation with the Colorado Secretary of State and determining how the company will be organized and insured.

There are three ways to form a corporation or partnership in Colorado. You can retain a lawyer to file all of the necessary paperwork for you, file your paperwork yourself with the Secretary of State department or hire a professional incorporation vendor. Consider these steps on Colorado corporation and partnership law for beginners.

1. Choose a business name before you incorporate in Colorado.

2. Learn the basics about the Colorado corporate law on filing articles of incorporation.

3. Obtain rate quotes on forming a Colorado LLC.

Name your Colorado LLC

Before choosing a name for your Colorado limited liability company or partnership, you must first determine whether that name is available and not being used by another similar business. You can reserve a name before filing a business entity in Colorado. Under Colorado corporation laws, the reservation will be good for 120 days. If you currently have a business, you may also transfer the name of the current business to the new entity.

File articles of incorporation compliant with Colorado incorporation law

Colorado corporate law states that articles of incorporation must include several pieces of basic company information. The filed documents must list one or more incorporators. While Colorado partnership law and the state's LLC guidelines requires that business ventures are legal, you are not required to include your business activity in the articles of incorporation.

Compare prices and fees involved in incorporating in Colorado

The cost of incorporating in Colorado corporation or partnership will vary depending upon whether you choose to hire a professional incorporation service provider or purchase do-it-yourself services. If you are fairly familiar with the Colorado incorporation process, you may consider obtaining the required documents from an online legal services provider. These service providers will typically only charge for the actual document because no consultation is included. Documents can cost less than $20. You'll also have to complete and file your documents yourself. The cost of a professional services provider can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars depending upon the level or service you require.
  • Colorado corporation law varies depending upon the type of business entity formed. Therefore, it's important that you thoroughly research the various types of business entities and their corresponding tax obligations and state laws to determine the most advantageous business form for your pursuits.

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