Commercial Rotisseries

Find rotisserie equipment to feed customers' hunger for the latest food trends

Chicken prepared in a rotisserie oven is one of America's most popular ready-to-eat family food choices. It's a quick, easy, lowfat solution to "What's for dinner?" Recipes for using ready-to-eat rotisserie chickens abound, and by having commercial chicken rotisseries revolving at point-of-purchase you'll inspire tasty impulse purchases.

Not limited to chicken, commercial rotisserie barbecuing has gone mobile, with freestanding portable and trailer mounted pig rotisseries adding a down-home southern touch to catering for home parties and tailgates. Even upscale ethnic restaurants have gotten into the rotisserie oven craze, bringing grills to the front-of-house so customers can savor their meal with all their senses.

When you're checking out rotisseries for sale, make your choice based on these factors:

1. Primary use—Do you want your commercial rotisserie equipment for cooking, display or a combination of both?

2. Fuel source—What works best for your rotisserie needs and your budget? Don't spend extra money for charcoal grilling if you'll be using your rotisserie as a display warmer.

3. Cooking style—Do you need self-basting chicken rotisseries for fat-free grilling, or will your spit be turning a whole pig drenched in smoky southern BBQ sauce? There are commercial rotisserie cookers for Mexican, Brazilian and Jamaican style grilling, too.

Find commercial chicken rotisserie equipment

Whether you want commercial chicken rotisseries for back-of-house food preparation or for customer display and point-of-purchase in delis and grocery stores, rotisserie equipment manufacturers have what you need. Look for models in a variety of sizes, fired by gas, electricity, charcoal, infrared heating or a combination of sources. For more efficient cooking of chicken, commercial rotisserie oven manufacturers often include convection options.

Go upscale with designer rotisserie equipment for restaurant display

Diners love watching their food sizzling in a rotisserie oven right before their eyes. Specialty manufacturers create commercial rotisserie cookers that are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

Don't play chicken-find pig rotisseries and hot dog rotisseries, too

Commercial rotisseries aren't just for chickens. Pick up on the growing popularity of southern pig roasts by buying or renting a mobile rotisserie grill to cater parties and tailgates. Or find commercial rotisserie cookers for hot dogs and other concession or convenience foods.

Save money with a discount, used or reconditioned rotisserie commercial oven

Add discount-priced, used or refurbished commercial rotisseries to your kitchen or deli display, and roll the savings back into your business.

  • Don't forget to keep plenty of rotisserie supplies on hand. Depending on your model and use, you'll need insulated bags for grilled foods, basting brushes, marinades and charcoal or various woods for smoking. Get extra spits, baskets and replacement parts for your rotisserie commercial oven from the manufacturer or a restaurant supply house.

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