Commercial Truck Financing Key Terms

Learn commercial truck financing key terms to optimize business negotiations and save on costs

Understanding commercial truck financing key terms benefits business owners who wish to contract with others on a commercial vehicle purchase or lease. The knowledge helps you detail specifics you might use in negotiations with commercial lenders.

Knowing commercial truck financing key terms also helps you communicate effectively with others on specifics in a contract. It gives you more flexibility in financing options when you understand the variety of choices for you to consider.

Interest rates

This term refers to a fee applied to a transaction when a person uses money. Often considered an annual percentage at a certain principle, business owners determine the interest rate by dividing an amount of interest by an amount of principle. Federal Reserves policies and inflation sometimes affect interest rates.

Commercial truck leasing

The leasing process, also called a rental process, involves a transaction in which one party agrees to use a commercial truck for a certain period of time at an agreed-upon cost between parties.

Commercial truck loans

A commercial truck loan is a type of debt in which one party provides money to another on a temporary basis. For example, a business owner might obtain a loan from a bank in order to purchase a commercial truck, but pay the bank back for the money borrowed, usually with interest.


This is a third-party service that gets money to commercial truckers when they need it. It offers advances and other financial benefits to trucking companies.


This term refers to a restored or renovated product. Commercial trucking companies sometimes offer refurbished equipment at discounted prices.

Fleet pooling

Commercial trucking companies save on finances when they consider fleet pooling, using commercial trucking vehicles for several purposes.

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