Competitive Intelligence Jobs Key Terms

Gather information about terminology used in competitive intelligence jobs

Competitive intelligence professionals gather data about their company's competitors and analyze the data for short- and long-term planning. A job in competitive intelligence requires computer, research and analytical skills. There are several paths to gain the skills and connections to attain a career in this field. Learning some of the key terminology about competitive intelligence jobs is the first step in planning and managing your career.

Professional organizations

Professional organizations provide research materials, resources, networking opportunities and job listings. Joining a professional organization can provide more information to someone just getting started in looking for a job in competitive intelligence. The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals is the largest global professional organization in the field of competitive intelligence.

Job sites

Online job sites are not only a tool when you're looking for a job, they can help you figure out what skills, training and experience employers look for in competitive intelligence candidates.


Many institutions provide specialized training in competitive intelligence through course credits and certification programs. Employers usually look for a minimum of a bachelor's degree in areas like research, finance or business. Advanced degrees in business or information science are also desirable.

Online tools

Before you even get advanced training or a job in competitive intelligence, you can use online tools to begin to get an understanding of what the work entails. Analyze competitors' domain hosting information and websites, or view public information on sales and financial information to begin gathering data.


Gaining an understanding of the concepts of competitive intelligence is essential when planning educational and career goals.

Books and journals

Read books and periodicals to find out more about the basics of competitive intelligence, as well as news and trends.