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Computer carts have many purposes. Some are harder to move, but will be moved occasionally to reach behind the computer for cleaning or to install new hardware. Others you can move more often if desired.

Since computers have many parts, computer carts will have several features designed to make it easy to use the computer's keyboard, mouse and monitor. Some computer carts also have room for a projector, which you can use for presentation purposes.

Melamine thermofused medium density fiberboard

Medium density fiberboard, usually referred to as MDF, is a kind of manufactured wood-like particle board that is well suited to being painted or covered with a coating or laminate. Melamine is a durable kind of paper that can bond to MDF using heat, producing a manufactured wood product used to make computer carts.

Pole mounts

Many computer carts have a structure that incorporates one or more vertical poles with several shelves and arms mounted to the poles. The computer and its accessories sit on the shelves or attach to the arms to create an adjustable ergonomic design.

Wire management grommets

Grommets are holes with a reinforcement. The wire management grommets you are likely to see on a computer cart allow one or more computer or power cable to pass through a flat panel such as the countertop portion of a computer cart. A wire management grommet can be a simple hole with reinforcement around it, or it may have spots for several different cables.

Keyboard drawer

A keyboard drawer holds a computer keyboard and may have room for a mouse. You'll find most keyboard drawers under a desktop so you can store the keyboard when not in use.

Monitor arms, monitor stands

A monitor arm, also called a swivel or a swing arm, is a movable piece of hardware designed to hold a computer monitor. A monitor stand is a more stationary platform that holds a computer monitor. It may adjust up and down but won't have as many flexible positioning options as a monitor arm will have.


Casters allow furniture like computer carts to easily move. Unlike wheels, they are often removable, they swivel in all directions and modern ones often have a built-in brake. Make sure at least two of the casters have brakes to keep them still when you're speaking, especially if your projector will sit on the cart.

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