Concrete Mixer Education and Training

Train your employees in proper concrete mixer operation

So much depends upon the concrete industry when it comes to building, and the construction field wouldn't get far without important tools like a concrete mixer or a concrete mixer truck. As a business owner, it's vital that your employees receive the training they need to do their work accurately and safely.

Employees can acquire much of the concrete mixer education and training you need to operate a portable concrete mixer on the job. But operating a concrete mixer truck is another story altogether. You will need to ensure your employees receive all the training they need on this heavy equipment before they take the wheel.

To ensure your employees know as much as possible about concrete mixer use and safety, consider the following ideas:

1. Seek concrete mixer training from a variety of resources, including online sources and on-the-job experience.

2. Receive the training and certification required for operating concrete mixer equipment.

3. Attend concrete trade shows to stay abreast of the latest about portable concrete mixers and safety concerns for concrete

Ensure your employees know how to operate a concrete truck safely

A fully loaded concrete truck can tip and cause an accident if your drivers don't have proper training. Operating a concrete mixer truck requires additional instruction on top of the required commercial driver's license.

Help your employees learn about cement mixers on the job

While learning to use a portable concrete mixer may not be the hardest job to learn, there is an art to knowing the right mixture and timing for proper concrete. Your employees can learn to operate a mobile concrete mixer with on the job training and online videos.

Connect with the industry and learn about concrete mixer equipment

Trade shows are an excellent place to learn about a concrete cement mixer and other products. You can see and take part in product demonstrations and ask questions of the concrete mixer representatives.
  • Make sure that, as the company owner, you learn as much as your employees about the concrete mixer and other heavy equipment.

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