Console Bureau

Find a console bureau with both style and function for your office

A console bureau is a useful and attractive addition to any office. The right console bureau can add elegance, class and efficiency to any room, and be functional as well as decorative.

It's important to find console bureau furniture that is as functional as it is stylish. Console bureaus can be used as computer desks, bookshelves, storage areas and for filing paperwork and documents. When researching console bureau information, look for the following qualities in this multi-functional piece of furniture:

1. Enough desktop area for the console bureau to function as a computer desk

2. Convertible shape and add-on options

3. Style and materials that match your pre-existing decor

Make your console bureau double as a computer desk

Look for a console bureau with plenty of open space on its desktop. This will allow you to use it for a computer desk and have plenty of room for a monitor, keyboard and any files or paperwork you need at hand. Consoles with roll-away drawers in front can be great for storing keyboards out of sight until needed.

Buy a console bureau that can be adapted to your size and storage needs

Find a console bureau that comes in sections or has optional drawers and cabinets that can be added on later. This will help you expand your filing and storage systems as needed without having to buy a new desk. Some console bureaus have optional storage in the front, and some can be purchased with removable storage cabinets that fit underneath.

Match your console bureau to your current office decor for a classic look

If possible, buy from a console bureau provider that also makes other furniture. This will help you match your new console bureau to the style and decor in your business. Shop providers that offer other furniture, such as chair and bookshelves, so you can create a cohesive, professional look.
  • Make sure your console bureau information includes assembly directions.