Construction Education

Learning the ropes of construction education

Construction industry training runs the gamut from construction schools – including Internet-based training courses, though which a student can earn an online construction management degree — to ongoing educational opportunities, like on-the-job construction training, continuing education, and construction seminars. Trusted contractors must know their business – inside and out – and there are many ways to achieve this goal.

The top four things to know about construction industry training:

1) Online construction courses offer the flexibility of working at your home PC on your own time.
2) Construction training includes a great deal of safety training – and in the long run, decreases the incidence of accidents on a job.
3) Choose your construction industry training institution by your state, degree, specialty, or other options.
4) Construction training creates a culture that promotes the highest ethical standards and compliance within the industry.

Construction training

Receiving a thorough construction education is vital to the safety of the worker and the consumer – and the ongoing ability of the construction worker to earn better and more lucrative jobs.
construction classes and construction courses. Another great portal is the Vocational Schools Guide, though which you can search by state, degree, name, ZIP code, and more. Lorman Education Services offers a variety of construction seminars to help you meet your training needs, including their popular seminars, Mold Problems, Construction Claims, Managing Construction Projects, Analyzing Project Damages, Construction Contract Fundamentals, and Construction Lien Laws. Ready to start earning your Construction Compliance Certification? Then let Lorman help you.

Continuing education construction industry training

To satisfy a contractor’s professional training requirements, he/she must take construction courses to keep updated with current law changes, other legal issues, contract clauses, and more.
Construction Continuing Education category for a variety of construction education choices. The National Business Institute (NBI) offers continuing education construction seminars – simply search by state for upcoming seminars near you. Not sure if continuing education construction training is required by law in your state? Check this map to find out.

Check out the top construction schools

If you’re looking for the best construction industry training, then why not consider the top construction schools – ITT Technical Institute, or the New England Institute of Technology – to earn your online construction management degree?
ITT Tech, which has more than 85 locations in over 30 states, and find out how you can earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management. Go to the New England Institute of Technology’s Web site to learn about this well-regarding Rhode Island School.

Construction industry training

Find a school near you that offers the degree you’re looking for – whether that is an advanced degree in construction management, or a specialized degree within a specialized sector.

Embrace flexibility through construction seminars or online construction courses

Construction seminars are a great, low-commitment way to continue learning without having to take time off work. Many are offered on the weekends or at varied times to accommodate the students. Distance learning is also a flexible way to earn your online construction management degree.
Construction Seminars page provides all the resources you need to find construction seminars near you. Visit for nearly 150 online carpentry and construction courses. To get an online construction management degree, building construction degree, or carpentry training, check out the eight programs offered in this area. Check out the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Home Builders Institute for their construction education and training options.

  • Many construction schools offer students the opportunity to find an apprentice with whom to work.
  • Financial aid is available through many construction schools.
  • Construction industry training includes specialized training for electricians, plumbers, architecture, engineering, and other trades.
  • Construction education is mandated by state laws, so it’s necessary to check your state regulations before assuming you know the most up-to-date requirements.
  • Construction seminars provide an intense amount of learning in a small time frame, and are usually accepted for continuing education credit.