Construction Site Fences and Gates Basics

Understand different types of construction fences and find providers

Construction site safety fencing not only protects property under construction, it also protects pedestrians from coming too close to dangerous construction areas. Manufacturers make construction site fencing from chain link or flexible mesh plastic. Chain link fences offer the most protection, but are the most expensive. A plastic construction fence is a good option when you need the fence for a short period of time.

Understanding construction site fences and gates basics will help you to make the best purchase or lease decision for your construction company. Consider the following points as you look into construction fencing:

1. Learn about plastic construction fence benefits and uses.

2. Rely on chain link construction site fences and gates for increased security.

3. Find construction fence wholesale and lease providers.

Understand the different applications for plastic construction fences

Plastic construction fences are the least expensive type of construction barrier. While these fences are inexpensive, they do not offer long-term solutions for construction sites. There are a large variety of plastic barriers available, research the types of fencing and their intended use before purchasing plastic constructions fences.

Use metal construction fences for durability, safety and multiple uses

Metal construction fences are completely portable, and you can use them multiple times. This type of fence is easier to install and provides more security than plastic or wooden fencing. As with plastic construction fences, metal fences have different options and styles to choose from.

Locate construction site fence rental companies and wholesale vendors

You can purchase or lease construction fences. Some vendors handle both leasing and purchasing, while others handle only one or the other. It is best to purchase or lease fencing from a local company due to higher shipping costs for heavy items.

  • When you need the sturdiness of a chain link fence, but the privacy of a mesh fence, look into purchasing privacy screens. Privacy screens attach to chain link construction fences, so you get the best of both worlds.

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